About Me

Who I am

My name is Arjen Stens. Right now I am studying to become a professional Software Engineer. I live in a town near the city of Zwolle – The Netherlands. Besides of my studies, I work as a Junior Software developer at RYSST, a young company where I am gaining some real working experience while still being a student.

What I like

In my free time I like working on one of my hobby projects, one of which I actually ‘finished’, though the work is never actually done. 😉 My hobby projects consist mainly of microcontroller-related projects. I have been playing around with Arduino’s for quite awhile and realized I could create my own working products. The reason I like this so much is because it has both the (sometimes complex) software side as well as practical things like creating a case for my hardware, or soldering on a prototype.

Fortunately (I think), I also have great interests in exploring what’s out there in this world. I’ve traveled to about 10 countries already and I’m planning to visit a lot more of them…

That’s about it, for now…

Thank you!